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Re: Examples of Magic in sci-fi

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Also, a fantasy work where the person of the narrator is so beside the point he is never even named? Not impossible but definitely much more Flan O'Brien or Kafka than anything meant by the vast majority of fantasy fans.
The narrator is unnamed not because he's unimportant, but because the conceit of the story was that it was told to the author by a real person whom he chose to keep anonymous. A lot of literature from that era used a similar conceit; you'll often see stories referring to a "Mrs. M____" or "Mr. L____" or the like as a character.

Although I suppose it's true that Wells was using the narrator mainly as a vehicle for his social commentary and satire, so in that sense he was somewhat beside the point. But I'm sure you could've found fantasy literature from that period that did things a similar way.

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Unless someone comes up with a clear definition for magic I will be using my definition....
But that's problematical, because it doesn't make sense to apply real-world definitions to a fictional world where the rules are different. It's not a fair standard. Something should only be called magic if it's magic according to the internal rules of the fictional universe, or at least perceived that way by the consensus of the characters within the work.
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