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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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"Come quietly or there will be...trouble"

While I admit the helmet looks better than I had originally thought, I'm still not sold on the body design. Not because it looks too much like a cross between Iron Man and Nolan's Batman (which of course it does) but because to me it looks like a bloke in a suit.

Now before anyone says "duh, that's 'coz it is!", remember that the original design looked like a *mechanism*, not high-tech riot gear. The arms and legs looks like separate pieces, that were bolted onto a ball joint, indeed the whole thing have a very utilitarian look, yet with very few hard edges and a very attractive finish.

Of course none of this matters either way if there isn't a solid script and performance to back it up. Unfortunately nothing I've seen or read up till now makes me hopeful for a worthy remake.

P.S. I thought the arm was a nich touch. IIRC the original film had a line in there that they could have saved Murphy's right (?) arm but matey-bloke who's name escapes me insisted on total body prosthesis.
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