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You'd only be able to get the transporter through some sort of credit system from the state.
Would depend on who is running the transporters. Is it public mass transit like the the city buses? Or is it more like the private owned taxi services and the airlines? Prior to stepping onto the transporter pad, you select your destination and pay for transport out of your account.

However, I bet that the person would make you pay with whatever credit system the state deals in because gold wouldn't be too useful.
There's always that good Bolian money. The system might be such that you would put into the transaction whatever type of money you wanted and the seller would receive any kind of money they wished. You pay in Klingon Darseks, and they receive depending on the financial exchange rates at that moment in time the equivalent amount in Bajorian Litas.

I myself buy it because there are plenty of people who don't care too much about gimmicks. In the 24th century, there is a lot more of them.
Even Picard had his little nick-nacks.

Considering the nature of the collectivistic society they have ...
Don't think we ever saw a collectivist system in Star Trek. Quite the opposite really. We saw privately owned restaurants, vineyards, starships, shuttles, houses and such.

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