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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Really cool news about Enterprise coming to Blu-ray next year, but hopefully it's not just quickly slapped together, but remastered and all that good stuff.
Enterprise doesn't require remastering like TNG. It was posted on 1080p/24 D5 tape for all four years... so they're just going to AVC encode those for Blu-ray. The bigger news is that Robert Meyer Burnett seems to be implying that CBS is on the verge of officially announcing two more (series?) that will be coming to Blu-ray:

Robert Meyer Burnett ‏@BurnettRM
BTW...this is month ten of the #TNG Hostage Crisis. Which will
soon be adding both the...oh...wait...those haven't been announced

Robert Meyer Burnett ‏@BurnettRM
@cseremisi Teaser? NO IDEA what you mean. I'm just here, nose
to the grindstone, working on #TNGS2 and #TNGS3 when I'm told
we're soon to...
If I am interpreting Robert Meyer Burnett's cryptic tweets correctly, there are two unannounced items (both teasers?) that are going to pop up on the TNG S2 and/or S3 blu-ray releases. I am thinking that at least one of these will be the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Perhaps the other will be for ENT on blu-ray?

Dont think so, Burnett hates ST2009
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