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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Have you even been watching the same show I have? Have you not seen the cushy little livese these people are living, especially the Monroe Republic government itself? The only hardship people have in this insipid world comes from dealing with the bullies in the government and the occasional gang-like groups that have been kinda-sorta implied to exist.
Yes, and I think that part is stupid. Which is why I've been arguing from what I THINK would have happened based on the scenario presented, not what the show told us did happen here. But since the show's version is some nice sanitized thing, and doesn't really make sense, I've mostly ignored it. Been pretty obvious about it...

So yeah, it's very easy to imagine an environment where really smart people with access to lots of books, manuals, and tools can begin building and repairing older technology. For Christ's sake, we saw them dragging a full-sized helicopter around and that is based solely on an empty hope that Monroe can get a magic talisman.
Yep, stupid. Like you said, based on magic.

But oh God, they couldn't possibly be arsed to build/repair a relatively simple boiler or diesel engine, could they?
you keep skipping the part between Day One and when we've got this cooperative society looking to rebuild. And the damage that would create. Eventually, you could get back to it, and some of it would still work, or be fixable, yes. Of course, you keep saying you can just build a new one from scratch, or forge your own ninja sword because you saw a picture in a book.

I made a simple steam engine in junior high for Christ's sake, and that was with a few bucks worth of material, a book, and a little trial and error...
With stuff you found on the ground, or parts that had been manufactured and collected for you? How much power did your toy engine produce that helped you perform tasks around the house?

Well-educated adults are too stupid and lazy to do anything even remotely like that, especially if it means making their actual lives better.
Again, skipping the little period of time where society collapses, and most of them die. That, and priorities, where playing with steam engines don't rank higher than food, clothing, shelter, defense, medicine, etc. Pretty high percentage of those well-educated adults live near large population centers and are probably gonners anyway.

Hell, we haven't even seen a damn windmill for grinding grain on the show either. But I guess even that is too advanced for our stupid, primitive brains to comprehend. Hopefully some aliens will show up and build them for these dunderheads on the show soon.
NOT too advanced, and you'd eventually expect it. You'd also expect their little cute farm to be wiped out in about an hour by anyone that notices their windmill, and then moved somewhere with at least half-assed defenses. Good example, though: Know how to make bread? Know anyone that does? Put it on the pile of books you're carrying around. You might wanna get a red wagon for them, getting heavy...

(Nevermind that people can build a makeshift PC even though there's thousands upon thousands of perfectly functional ones laying all over the place, as evident by the British chick's iPhone still working perfectly fine.
More evidence of stupid things put in by the writers that make no sense, we agree. Not sure that helps your argument that this world is well thought-out, though.

Shouldn't they all be stupid, lazy twits, too? Or is it only okay to have the knowledge, skill, and willpower to do things if it involves electronics?)
well, you see, those people were in on the secret government conspiracy to destroy civilization for, uh, some reason. In order to,um... profit? Can't be power, as they had enough power to pull this off, so were already doing fine. Actually, reason doesn't make much sense at all.

If you'd like to continue this "debate", can you at least decide if we're arguing about this silly presented world, or what we think WOULD happen if the power just went off one day, for good? You keep going back and forth, and when I make progress on the 'real' front, you just change back to happy magic land, and it's difficult to argue those points, as they don't make much sense to begin with. Might as well say "a wizard did it" and call it a day...
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