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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Yes, and they had easy and convenient access to all that knowledge from... where exactly?
Well somehow human beings forgot how to build aqueducts [for exmaple] because after Rome fell - people stopped transporting water over llarge distances.

(Nevermind that people can build a makeshift PC even though there's thousands upon thousands of perfectly functional ones laying all over the place, as evident by the British chick's iPhone still working perfectly fine. Shouldn't they all be stupid, lazy twits, too? Or is it only okay to have the knowledge, skill, and willpower to do things if it involves electronics?)
I think you're being overly critical. While each example you point out is valid they are using some of the non-existent tech as a plot device.

And if Revolution deserves the use of these plot devices to carry a story then Star Trek deserves the same criticism ten fold for the magical engineering solution of the week that is forgotten by the very same engineers who devised it in the first place 3 episodes later that would have solved a like problem.
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