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Re: Picard qualified to command Enterprise?

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The original premise for TNG was that the Enterprise-D was going to be out on the edge of known space for 2 decades and would rarely have contact with Starfleet. I'm guessing that in the past other starships were sent out on long deep space voyages and Stargazer was one. So it's not really some kind of career staller to be on a long deep space voyage.
What the original premise was and what "actually happened" are different things. I was personally disappointed that Picard and crew strayed into unknown territory as seldom as they did, and the idea that ships went out for a decade or more without revisiting the Federation just didn't come across to me in the series.

I still think a captain staying with a single command for so long would be bad for a career, but then again Riker turned down command enough times it began to be ridiculous.

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