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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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We do have a real life example of the DE-evolution of society. When Rome fell and the world went into the "dark ages," I'm sure that many folks had a sense that things at one point were better as they looked at the abandoned cities and the amazing achievement. Also science went backwards.
Yes, and they had easy and convenient access to all that knowledge from... where exactly?

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I just picked three books at random after a ten second search. Pick a topic. Any topic. I guarantee you can find multiple books on how to do it. From smelting iron to forging tools and machinery.
Ok, why not? If your scenario, do you prefer to imagine you starved to death trying to figure it out, or that you were killed so that someone else can have the book?
Have you even been watching the same show I have? Have you not seen the cushy little livese these people are living, especially the Monroe Republic government itself? The only hardship people have in this insipid world comes from dealing with the bullies in the government and the occasional gang-like groups that have been kinda-sorta implied to exist.

So yeah, it's very easy to imagine an environment where really smart people with access to lots of books, manuals, and tools can begin building and repairing older technology. For Christ's sake, we saw them dragging a full-sized helicopter around and that is based solely on an empty hope that Monroe can get a magic talisman.

But oh God, they couldn't possibly be arsed to build/repair a relatively simple boiler or diesel engine, could they? I made a simple steam engine in junior high for Christ's sake, and that was with a few bucks worth of material, a book, and a little trial and error... and all so I could get a meaningless grade for the project. But who cares? Well-educated adults are too stupid and lazy to do anything even remotely like that, especially if it means making their actual lives better.

Hell, we haven't even seen a damn windmill for grinding grain on the show either. But I guess even that is too advanced for our stupid, primitive brains to comprehend. Hopefully some aliens will show up and build them for these dunderheads on the show soon.

(Nevermind that people can build a makeshift PC even though there's thousands upon thousands of perfectly functional ones laying all over the place, as evident by the British chick's iPhone still working perfectly fine. Shouldn't they all be stupid, lazy twits, too? Or is it only okay to have the knowledge, skill, and willpower to do things if it involves electronics?)
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