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Re: Picard qualified to command Enterprise?

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Gene Roddenberry would disagree..
"[Star Trek] is my social philosophy, my racial philosophy, my overview on life and the human condition."

But what did he know about it's point? He was just the creator after all.
Gene Roddenberry was perhaps the greatest peddler of bullshit ever to be associated with Star Trek.

I'd be curious to know when that quote dates from. It's well-documented that as time went on, Roddenberry began embracing more and more the "visionary" label that had been attached to him, and wasted no opportunity to exaggerate the cultural significance of what he had done.

When Roddenberry set out to make TOS, he sought to make a successful and entertaining TV series, nothing more. By the time he got to TNG, he felt as though he were on some sort of great societal crusade. But that certainly wasn't the case back when he was writing "The Cage."

My point is not that TOS didn't have some relevant and thought-provoking things to say about our society. Sure it did. Sometimes it said them well, other times it said them rather badly. But, regardless, my point is that no one set out to make Star Trek to make some sort of social statement. They set out to make a good TV show. Everything else came later.

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