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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

You have chosen to skip some of the strongest and best storytelling this season already. In so doing, you missed several key introductions and at least one key reveal. Is it survivable? Sure. Any series that didn't build in information-redundancy for those who miss an episode wouldn't last very long. But you aren't getting the information the way the creators intended you to get it.

Let me warn you: from this point forward, there will be few episodes without important arc elements. Those elements may not be the focus of the episode or even mentioned in a two-sentence synopsis, but they will be there. If you skip an episode, you will miss things, sometimes very important things. Because Farscape is pretty much done with the reset button. Things won't be put back neatly on the shelf at the end of every episode anymore. That isn't how Farscape works, and it's not how B5 works either for that matter once you get past season 1. Most stories affects the broader tapestry in some way.

You've already missed things. Try not to miss any more.
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