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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Well, cheering for someone leaving the game isn't the same thing as cheering for them being injured.
Splitting hairs in this instance. As has been posted, when a player goes down because of an injury at home, the tradition is that the crowd is silent until they find out the players' status, then clap or cheer as the player leaves the field (under his own power or on a stretcher). This isn't what happened. The home fans cheered while the player was down.

K.C fans cheering while their own player was down, and lets be real, that is what they did, is pretty low class. I mean of course, [sopranos]"whoever did diss"[/sopranos].

I don't think Winston was as out of line as many have painted him in local media to be as he had some basic points, but I also don't think most of those cheering were cheering for Cassel's injury
ANYONE cheering is pretty disgraceful and reflects poorly on the Chiefs fandom.

Cassel sucks, plain and simple. He's Pioli's golden boy and that's all that's protecting him.
So -- you're justifying the cheering of his injury here?
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