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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Hatari! - DVD
Bachelorette - free admission
Hotel Transylvania 3D - free admission
Looper - free admission
Won't Back Down - free admission
Taken 2 - free admission
Pitch Perfect - free admission
Frankenweenie 3D - free admission
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - free admission
Miami Connection (1987) - employee screenin'

Went to Drafthouse S Lamar last night for the employee-only screenin' of the next movie from Drafthouse Films, Miami Connection. It got an introduction from Tim League himself, explainin' that after a copy of it was bought for $50 off of eBay, he spent six months tryin' to acquire the distribution rights. It took that long 'cause Y.K. Kim, the movie's star, writer, producer & director, thought Tim was a crankcaller.

The movie itself is B-grade stupid, and I kept imaginin' how much fun the guys with Master Pancake would have with it, or maybe even a special Hecklevision showin'....

When the DVD/blu ray comes out, it will include deleted scenes from the work print Y.K. Kim still had, too.

Started to watch Salt, the Angelina Jolie spy movie, last night, but fell asleep durin' it. May try again tonight.

And there's a plan to get together with my friend Maeby to see House at the End of the Street tomorrow night.
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