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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Nothing about Punk clocking a fan? When I first read about it I thought the fan had to be a plant but after seeing the fan-recorded YouTube video, I'm convinced Punk just clocked the wrong guy after being provoked by some asshole fans. Can't say I blame Punk for reacting as he did among those overzealous marks, but at the very least he owes the guy he punched an apology.

I read people saying how this incident proves Punk's not ready to be a top guy in WWE and how he should be fired and think all those opinions are bullshit. Paying for a ticket doesn't give anyone the right to touch and push a wrestler, period. Punk reacted like a not small number of people would in defending himself. Hopefully there's not too much blowback from this.
I thought it was a plant at first too. I started to think that this was maybe WWE attempting to really put the heel in Punk's character, perhaps to silence the vocal minority of the audience who are still cheering him.

Still, you can't blame Punk for reacting. Some douche in the audience was hitting him and so he reacted. The fact he hit the wrong guy was purely accidental and that should be taken into account when dealing with the situation. If I were WWE, I'd offer the fan some sort of compensation in the form of front row tickets for a PPV event and some merchandise, along with getting Punk to personally apologise.

It would be ridiculous to abort Punk's push and title reign.
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