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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

not enough to make a difference. And even if there ARE a few laying around and in ready-to-fire condition, got a stash of bullets, gunpowder, and assorted materials around to arm it with?

In the Revolution universe, yeah, they should be looting museums for train parts and the like. Could probably get enough people together to make that work.

In closer to what I'd imagine real life would go like, things would have fallen a bit farther than they did. And if the desperate populus was working together as one, maybe they could pull off a few things, if it was a small enough group. Having a hard time imagining that happy utopia, though. Feels like something on NBC

The reality that keeps getting glossed over is that in a scenario like this, 80-90% of the world's population dies. Of violence, disease, starvation, or chewing on the leg bone of some of the other 90%. Pretty much anyone within a week's walk of a city, to be sure. Those people will eventually be forced to leave, and they're going to strip clean anything within reach before they all die. Where those areas overlap, like the entire east coast, or California, will just be dead zones, stripped pretty clear of much of value. At least until much later, when you can go try for those books, or raw materials. First couple years would be pretty much get away as soon as possible, hide somewhere with water and a food source (grown or salvaged), and keep your head down, wait for the death throes of the old world first. Not a world you want to participate in.

This sort of scenario wouldn't lend itself to a nice family-centered drama...
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