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I think the idea that impulse is a FTL technology is highly dubious. It does have to involve relativistic effects and require some sort of compensation for them, because the speeds approach FTL (remember the Warp .5 comment from Kirk in TMP? That was on impulse was it not?) That's about as close as you can call impulse to warp.
That would probably work to your advantage. Geordi's shuttle trip to Risa may take six months under impulse power, but for him it's only been six hours. Unfortunately, by the time he gets there he's used up about twenty years worth of vacation time and has to go right back on duty.

Seriously, though, that's a common misconception. Strictly speaking, the relativistic effects only apply while you are traveling at high speed, and even then only from the perspective of an outside observer. Those effects disappear and turn out to be illusory after you decelerate.

The Final Frontier shuttle was different from previous shuttles because it was a redressed shuttle from TMP.
Either way, it still possessed similar features as the Galileo from TOS, which was ALSO shown to be capable of FTL velocities if not outright warp speed. I doubt the TFF shuttle would be any different.

The whole idea of a shuttle was to provide a backup for transporters to ferry people and things to and from planets and starbases. They were never meant for anything more than that...
The MEANING is immaterial, they were frequently USED for more than that on regular basis, and those uses require them to be capable of faster-than-light travel.
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