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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Watch this clip and this clip, and then you can see why people love WGFA so much. IMO if you don't like these clips then you should just stop watch Farscape right now.
I was not a fan of that first clip. I don't like seeing weird stuff like that, where the characters are used in a weird dream/hallucination scenes acting in ways that they never would normally, atleast not in more serious shows. Scrubs did stuff like that very well, but its a much different show than Farscape. In Farscape, it just ticks me off. Although, to be fair, Rygel was pretty funny, but the first 50 seconds with just Aeryn, Jar jar and Zhaan was painful.

That second clip was just stupid to be stupid. It was about as funny as a stick in the eye. That just reinforces my opinion on the episode.I don't like bat s@$& crazy "humor" like that, stuff without context. Why is Crais wearing women's shoes while in a cop uniform funny? Why is he in a cop uniform in the first place? I need context with humor, even the wackiest Scrubs daydreams had some kind of context, or made some kind of sense. Having watched over a season and a half of farscape, stuff like that has actually never happened before (even Cracker's Don't matter made some kind of sense), so I don't think it represents the series at all. The show has made me laugh, but I need more than uncomfortable, unfunny sexual humor and crais in high heels when it comes to comedy.

Now, for the episode I watched earlier today.

Liars, Guns and Money Part 1 (Farscape) - I liked this episode (which means people can stop telling me to quit the series, right ). It had some flaws, but overall was enjoyable. It does make me wonder, yet again, what Scorpius's motivation is. He hasn't been given any real reason why he's doing all these weird things to John, why he's taking so much time and using so many resources to capture him. Why would he put a chip in John's head? Is this all because John resisted his stupid chair the first time he was captured? His actions just make no sense at all, atleast Crais had a reason to hunt John, even if it was kind of stupid. Scorpius just seems to have nothing better to do than to chase John. Besides that, this was a solid episode, and I think this will be a good group of episodes.
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