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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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What if, Gods forbid, they decided to redo the entire Prime Universe with the Alternate One created by Nu-Trek? How do you think each series would differ?

What would Nu-Picard be like commanding the 1613m Enterprise-D (going by the stupidly upgraded scaling of the Nu-Enterprise)? Who would still be on his crew? Who would be different?

Or on DS9? Or Voyager?

ENT is exempt as the timeline changes occured well after 2155.
Who cares, I wouldn't give my money to it
Then why did you respond in the thread? Seriously, on page two I asked people to get back on topic because it was turning into a discussion of the last movie instead of discussing the premise of the OP and things relating to that, and two pages later you come in with two passive-agressive posts in a row. If you aren't interested in the Abramsverse then ignore topics that relate to it. There aren't that many threads in this section that deal with it. Let's keep this a place where people can feel comfortable discussing all aspects of Trek and a place that is fun. Thanks in advance.
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