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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I always wanted to know... did Jadzia and Worf split up in this timeline? There are Trill with spots and symbionts... no Klingon head ridges. There are Klingonesque people... no Trill spots. Neither Dax or Worf(him especially) seemed bothered by their very obvious breakup. For that matter Kira or Odo didn't seemed to be bothered by Kira apparently hooking up with some random Defiant crew member being there were Bajorians running around too.
kira dies in that timeline before she could have some kids, but there may very well be other bajoirans on board to provide the DNA.
Could be, I just never recall ever seeing a Bajorian officer other than Kira on the Defiant. But possible.

It still doesn't explain Worf and Dax.
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