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Re: Examples of Magic in sci-fi

Larry Niven created the Teela Brown character, who had the psionic power of genetically inherited luck, which had been isolated by breeding based on random chance over multiple generations.

As Chistopher says, anything magical or supernatural in science fiction is almost always qualified as being only something resembling that but with an in-universe scientific explanation.

Even in Star Trek episodes such as TAS: The Magicks of Megas-Tu, the magic power is the natural law in an alternate universe. I believe that, in-universe, Q power is simply beyond the power of Federation science to grasp, but still nevertheless is not regarded in-universe as supernatural.

If you step out of the confines of what the in-universe conceit is, though, much of "technology" in science fiction is fantastic and based on no principles that resemble those of actual real world science. In this sense, much of the technology in science fiction—and phenomena—are actually magic.
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