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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

I’ll try a quick summary / index of this thread so far:

Pages 1 – 3: Season One (S1) engine room observations + recreations,
height difference to S2 engine room, studio set plan comparisons (Season 1/2)
4 - 7: fitting S1 engine room into saucer stern, cathedral forced perspective or not, allignment of engine room (# 56 ), blueprint of impulse deck (# 60), position of engineering room in engineering hull (top view (# 64), how to re-interpret camera edits in circular corridors, Shaw quotes Holmes (# 90), volume of impulse engines
8-10: dilithium crystals in TOS context, lateral cutaway with deck levels, S2 engine room with emergency manual monitor / life support and other rooms
11-13: “Day of the Dove” camera angle, corridors leading to hangar deck, hatch locations engineering hull (# 166), TMP Enterprise
14 –17: TOS energizer room (# 206), engine rooms in saucer and engineering hull (# 213), service crawlway room (# 221), warp power schematics and discussion, WWTD? (I prefer WWBD – What Would Brandon Do?), engine framework assembly
18 –19: 3D cutaway views (# 262), gym/multipurpose room (270), self-illuminating Enterprise, graphic of battle at L-374
20 -22: phaser control room, flight deck, warp chart, warp engine transformation
23-25: dome of bridge, impulse engine detail, windows
26-32: moving devices, length of Enterprise discussion, pre-Pike-Enterprise, comparison Enterprise-Reliant
33-34: TOS orbits, new tools for the project

Once again, I salute Peter Chung for having accepted the challenge to reconstruct Kirk’s first Enterprise based on what we and other average or casual Star Trek fans actually saw on screen (otherwise you’ll probably loose the audience).

I’ve seen a lot of previous attempts, but usually felt that the artists either lacked competence (for credible engineering design) or passion (for accuracy) or both (Franz Joseph: “I’ve never been a fan of the show”).

This is one of the happy and rare occasions where I see competence and passion working hand in hand. Not just a ship filled with decks and little place for mechanical components, not just a ship filled with a lot of air in the Engineering Hull (TMP Enterprise) but one filled with thought-through and believable engineering designs.

I especially liked how Peter reinforced the warp nacelle pylon supports by using the beams from the flight deck ceiling and the circular struts with holes allowing door space for the flight deck’s observation corridor, brilliant (although the actual corridor set suggests there two be less struts. Maybe the flight deck can be shorter upon re-evaluation ).

Although I’m very late to this party, there are some questions / comments I’d like to add and hope these can or will serve constructive purposes, I’ll use the 3D views as a starting point

Looking at the long corridors (I only recall these from the pilots / footage re-use) the saucer hull seems to consist of four “quarters” which corresponds to what had been suggested for the TMP Enterprise by the turbolift display (and the four landing legs at the underside). With the TOS Enterprise this could be different. The studio set (S2 & S3) is a 120 “third” with turbo lifts at both ends (e.g. “Journey to Babel” and a large number of shots with the turbo lift at the other end of the circular corridor between the transporter room and sickbay). I can’t help but wonder if “slicing” the saucer just into three thirds would allow better options for future allignment (I’m currently writing down the turbolift locations and turbo lift numbers for each episode)?

As for the size of the impulse engines I absolutely concur, especially given events in “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”. However, the spherical reactors (TNG style) can easily be confused with the antimatter container down below. The antimatter pods in the renowned Kimble cutaway of the TMP Enterprise were different, correct?

As for the ‘cathedral’ it is obvious that the limitations of budget and available soundstage space during production led to the forced perspective (by Matt Jefferies own admittance), this was a compromise. But now that there is a chance to reveal the cathedral length as it was always meant to be, we are nevertheless stuck with the forced perspective despite a considerable distance to fill between the engine control room and the impulse exhaust at the stern?

There’s this one proposal from Mytran in post # 56 that absolutely made a lot of sense to me

On the S1 studio set itself the engine control room was placed in such a manner to allow the travel of turbolift cabins in between which undoubtedly is a must have for any plans. From what I have been able to see at the current WIP stage the studio plans have been ‘tweaked’ (this is no longer what we saw in “Naked Time”) and the Jefferies Tube near the dead end corridor close to the control room is missing. Personally, I prefer the parallel allignment as the impulse engine hatches on the saucer’s upper side are also symetrical (of course, there doesn’t necessarily have to be a full room on the starboard side, just the cathedral which can probably be monitored from the room on the port side. I assume the gym/multipurpose room can’t really go there?).

A very important discovery (thanks!) was the different height of the engine rooms in S1 in contrast to the one of S2. Again, I can only suggest to look at this set from the actual production point of view. For S1 they only had this one set which had to double as the “engine control room” on the impulse deck (“Naked Time”, “Court-Martial”, “Space Seed”) and the “engineering section” in the engineering hull (“Enemy Within”, “Conscience of the King” – the main engineering control panel is angled differently to probably create the illusion of another engineering room:

When they finally constructed the bigger “engineering section” for S2 (located in the engineering hull) the old set had to go. In “Omega Glory” it looks like they tried to keep the illusion of two and different engine rooms by having Kirk in one with lights off and then showing an empty one in full illumination.
Most noticably is how they changed allignment of the S2 (and S3) engine room with the studio set. This is the one that literally stands in the way to allow turbolift travel from the saucer to the engineering hull – it therefore has to belong in the engineering hull (maybe there could even be windows to look out from the emergency manual monitor? Would be a romantic backdrop for the scene with Scotty and Mira...).

One schematic I definitely wanted to see was a top view of the studio set’s circular corridor inserted into the engineering hull and I got my wish:

I wholeheartedly agree with Mytran (many unconventional but inspiring and great ideas to solve issues) that one should only acknowledge the dimensions of the sets we can actually conclude from the footage and take the liberty to ignore parts we don’t see (but know these are there because of the studio set plans). But regarding S1 I have seen a couple of unmistakable circular corridors in the engineering hull (decks 12 and 14) and I expect to see more of these while I’m working myself through the episodes – in the WIP plans I’m unable to locate any of these.

The only practical solution to this riddle seems either to make the ship bigger or the corridors (in engineering hull) tighter.

Again, I have to argue with the practical production approach: Did the producers really intend to confine the actual circular corridor studio exclusively to decks 5, 6 and 7? The audience has never been on a starship and all they become aware of is a circular corridor but they couldn’t be sure whether it’s in the outer areas of the saucer or wrapped around the yellow bottom circle of the engineering hull (a good excuse to have any kind of circular corridor in a structure like the engineering hull).

As it seems to me, the current WIP layout for the engineering hull has little space left to accomodate these corridors, but the inevitable question has to be, whether the (conjectural) engineering components have to be that large?

Where to place the gym / multipurpose room? Could it be at the back of the ‘teardrop’? The reconstruction approach seems to have curved angles that would nicely allign with the outer hull of the teardrop (and to the poster who claimed that Pike’s quarters didn’t match any exteriors, I believe he forgot the teardrop and its single windows).
The phaser control room, on the other hand, is quite a bitch. The angled in walls of this engine room redress could suggest this to be in the center of a circular deck and given the phaser cooling mechanism probably in close proximity to the lowest part of the saucer hull.

Keep up the great work,

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