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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series


1. Don't tie the stories so closely to current events that they can't be separated at all. I like TUC but it's the most blatant example of this. The movie was more about 1991 than 2293. Well, really more about 1986; not that it made a difference. Does anyone really want the next series to be about Starfleet fighting over-privelaged Ferengi who exploit 99% of the Quadrant?

2. Fashion. ENT went a little too far toward being contemporary (though not as far as TFF). DS9/VOY civilian wear fared better than TNG's but do make it look futuristic. Some fashion will change, some fashion won't, but it's unrealistic to assume that fashion in the future will look exactly the same as it does today. So, don't be afraid of having styles that look a little ridiculous. There are always going to be styles that look silly.

3. Technical end. Not much to do here. The end result of all these advancments will be VR. No series is designed for this as of yet. I also think that someday, there will be an attempt made to make ST XI 3-D to keep it consistent with all future movies. They might also go back and try to make the series 3-D. Don't be surprised if they release TNG 3-D 10 years after TNG HD.
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