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Re: Examples of Magic in sci-fi

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I suppose you could argue that the 'Force," in wars is presented as quasi magical ability and the Jedi are often dissed by those that rely solely on science to fight wars and solve problems.
Except that Star Wars isn't really intended as science fiction. In Lucas's own words, it's space fantasy, akin to Flash Gordon or John Carter of Mars. It's essentially a sword-and-sorcery fantasy epic dressed up with the trappings of space opera.

Come to think of it, another place you can find mystical/magical tropes coexisting with science and technology is in Japanese productions like anime, manga, and live-action tokusatsu films and shows. Japan is a Shintoist culture, basically animist, believing there are spirits inhabiting everything, so they don't perceive the same kind of divide between the physical/temporal world and the spiritual world that Western culture perceives. So a lot of their sci-fi just presupposes the existence of a spiritual element underlying the products of science and technology, whether it's atomically mutated dinosaurs like Godzilla or the giant robots piloted by the Super Sentai Ranger teams (aka Power Rangers). Star Wars itself has a very Eastern influence in its approach to spirituality, which is what reminded me of that.
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