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So, I just recently finished up Firefly and Serenity for the first time, my first thought is wow!

I'm sure most of you have seen this already, so this is an old discussion, but I want to talk about it anyway. I'll start by saying this; I remember this show being on in the early 00s, but I never payed it any attention. I was too busy watching Enterprise and Smallville and a hand full of other shows. At the time, I was weary of new scifi due to a few factors; one: the over saturation of Star Trek, two: Fox executives canceling really good shows, three: The X-Files last couple of seasons. I purposely avoided Firefly because I just simply wasn't willing to give it a chance. I completely regret that decision now. The same thing happened with nuBSG, I didn't watch BSG until the last half of the third season. Now, I wish I had given those shows a chance, I imagine there may have been more people out there like me at that time and possibly if those people would have tuned in, we could have gotten a good run of the show. I would totally trade the first thee and a half seasons of Enterprise and the last three or four seasons of Smallville to give Firefly a complete 7 seasons. This show deserved it.

My overall review of Firefly is this:

Firefly combined my two favorite genres, westerns and scifi/ space operas. The cast was amazing and from the get go, it really felt like these people really had a real history either together or separately. This is what Enterprise should have had. The mix of comedy and drama was spot on and really ahead of its time because now the shows on tv are all like that pretty much. The story was fantastic and very human. Watching the last couple of episodes as well as Serenity really brought up real emotion in me and I teared up a little when it was over. How does one season of a show do that? I didn't tear up when Clark finally wore the Superman suit for 30 seconds and I invested ten years of my life to that 30 seconds. I dead get emotional when Trip died, but that was anger and TATV, well, lets not even go there. The only other show that really hit me hard like this was BSG, when Adama is talking to Roselyn as she dies on Earth 2. This show was very real to me and even a week later, I'm still trying to take it all in.

I'm sure there's a reason for this, but the way it was filmed, especially the space scenes and ships as well as the realistic look of the show reminded me very much of BSG, very cool. The story line with River was extremely cool. I'm glad they gave us some closure on that. I would have liked to have known what was the deal with Shepard Book. The one and only complaint is in Serenity they killed off Wash. I also think the pilot could have moved along a little faster, other than that, this show was fantastic. I hope that now that Avengers has made a pile of money, hopefully we will see a sequel to Serenity, but from what I can tell, this is unlikely. Maybe Joss Whedon will get sick of being asked about it and finally just do it.

One more thing I want to add is I think the reason this show didn't last is because of reasons I mentioned before plus the unbelievably brain dead execs at Fox who have cancelled so many great shows numerous times and yet allow The Cleveland Show to still exist is probably this biggest factor of why this show wasn't even allowed a second season just to see if it had legs. Most shows need at least two or three seasons to gain popularity and I think they need people who can truly recognize good writing and good actors when it's in their face. Unfortunately, TV have been so so diminished in the past ten years that a show like Firefly probably wouldn't even air today.

Well, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this series since it now holds a really special place in my heart.

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