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Re: Examples of Magic in sci-fi

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Well, that's the key element that makes this a difficult question to answer. The very nature of science fiction is that it's generally assumed that every phenomenon, no matter how bizarre, has some kind of scientific explanation. While that may include things that the readers would find magical or fanciful, by the internal rules of the universe they're still scientific. Psychic powers are just a superstition or a fraud in reality, but in many fictional universes they're an accepted and understood science, so they wouldn't be considered magic.

Generally the only place you'll find magic qua magic in the context of a universe that also incorporates sci-fi tropes is in comic-book universes, which are generally amalgams of so many different types of story that SF and fantasy tropes intermingle freely. In both the DC and Marvel universes, magic is an acknowledged reality, a distinct form of power existing alongside more conventional "scientific" phenomena.
That's very true. I suppose you could argue that the 'Force," in wars is presented as quasi magical ability and the Jedi are often dissed by those that rely solely on science to fight wars and solve problems.

Likewise, didn't Rowling in the Potter encyclopedia explain the wizards magical abilities as an inherited trait and even identified an element they have in their DNA that gives them the power?
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