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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

When Odo and Jadzia broke into Worf's quarters, Odo immediately threatened Worf with murder charges "if he [Kurn] dies". I suppose, though, that in the heat of the moment, Odo knows only that Worf plunged a knife into Kurn's chest. Without any context, it would be murder, but in context, it is assisted suicide. If it had gone to trial, then we'd have discovered the Bajorans' stance on suicide and assisted suicide.

For some reason, though, the incident never went beyond Sisko yelling at Worf. Picard gave Worf a black mark for killing Duras in a fair fight on a Klingon ship. Did Sisko even so much as issue an official reprimand to Worf for attempting to kill his own brother at a Starfleet installation?
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