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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

At first blush this premise seems to not make much sense to me.
"The story is not just a quest to get home; it's a story about surviving each other's company and the Savage Land"
Shanna is well versed on being in the Savage Land. She knows all the "shortcuts" through the terrain, the "backroads" if you will of the Savage Land. She's been surviving there for years and Logan's always been a survivor of whatever situation he was placed(alone or team) in so this is a great thesis how?

And just where is Ka-Zar and Zabu?

Even though I'm trimming back my reading list at the top of the year this is the type book that had it been just Savage Land with either just Shanna or Ka-Zar&Shanna I'd have made an exception. As it stands now it's a trade wait title.
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