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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

Nightdiamond wrote: View Post
How did Worf convince Julian to do the procedure without Kurn's permission? Wouldn't that be considered unethical and even illegal?
Zombie Redshirt wrote: View Post
I could have seen Kurn just grumpily signing a form that says Worf is his guardian in regards to all decisions regarding medical procedures.
Worf was the elder brother, in Klingon medical ethical matters, that might have been all that was reverent. Bashir recognized that culturally Worf could make the decision for Kurn, without Kurn's input.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Watching "Sons of Mogh" again just struck me with 24th century culture shock. Worf tries to kill his brother, fails, and doesn't get charged with murder, attempted murder, or any other crime.
The question might in this case come down to whether or not the Bajorians have assisted suicide. DS9 is administered by Starfleet, but it's Bajorian national territory. Murder is killing someone in a illegal fashion, if assisted suicide were legal in the jurisdiction (Bajorian) in which Kurn found himself, then Worf would not have been committing murder, homicide, Klingon-slaughter, or what have you.

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