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Or, a movie where half his face is obscured for the entire time turned off some people that might have come to actually see Karl Urban and not just a helmet.
Of course, the other side of the coin, seventeen years after the fact and fans are still bitching that Stallone took the helmet off. Hell, the helmet is such a focal point, that practically everything I've seen discussing the movie, stuff on the internet, magazines, on TV all go out of their way to point out that Urban keeps the helmet on.

And no offense to Karl Urban, like I said in my review post he owns the role of Dredd and his portrayal of Dr. McCoy is one of Trek XI's few highlights, but is he really famous enough that enough people saying "I won't see this movie because he keeps his helmet on and we never see his face" would make a serious enough dent in the ticket sales?
I seriously doubt Urban keeping the helmet on had ANY effect on the box office. I'm sure some people might complain, but those people would be morons and morons should not be pandered to.

And for the record, what was bad about the Stallone movie also had little to do with the helmet staying on or coming off. However, the fact that it *did* come off was just a symptom of the greater problem, which was a fundamental inability or unwillingness to understand the source material, coupled with a desire to pander to as large a demographic as possible by turning Dredd into a quasi-superhero action star. Honestly, him kissing Hershey was a much greater betrayal of the character than the helmet thing.
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