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Vulcan are surprisingly small-minded, considering IDIC. But whilst facing such dire circumstances, they'll have to get over themselves
As pointed out above, there are more logical ways of procreation that fulfill the need for maximum genetic combinations in a short amount of time than to force unwilling participants into a pair-bond for life with someone they can't stand and forcing the female to have litters of children like kittens.

Here's a real world example for you: Scientists did not breed gray wolves to dogs (huskies, malamutes, Samoyeds) and call the offspring wolves in order to get them off the endangered species list. What makes you think Vulcans are going to be willing to "pollute" their gene pool?

Also, logically, considering that the pure genetic expression of Spock's Vulcan genes is Sarek, and since Sarek is still alive, and can contribute that genetic material to New Vulcan, Spock's genes (with their human taint) are not necessary. And if they ARE necessary, Spock Prime has already said that he can be in 2 places at once.

Exactly, because had they done that, then they would have a new species or at least a new subgroup of an existing species, and they wouldn't be preserving the old one. Sarek and Spock Prime (if needed) will do just fine in aiding in the cause to rebuild Vulcan. They've lived their lives, and they can afford to be the compensation for letting new Spock live his freely.

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Oh I didn't recognize Benedict, LOLOL
'cos you were busy eyeing Zach I know.
So was I. Nice pictures. Everyone looks nice at those events.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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