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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Really cool news about Enterprise coming to Blu-ray next year, but hopefully it's not just quickly slapped together, but remastered and all that good stuff.
If Mike Sussman is sitting down for new interviews when the original DVDs had quite a few featurettes already, I doubt CBS is taking the easy road on this, fortunately. If they're talking to a writing staff member like Sussman, presumably they're interviewing many more key personnel too.

Would CBS put up the cash for a substantial documentary series about the less lucrative Enterprise, as they are for TNG? They seem so high on Trek at the moment that I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Maxwell Everett wrote: View Post
Enterprise doesn't require remastering like TNG. It was posted on 1080p/24 D5 tape for all four years... so they're just going to AVC encode those for Blu-ray. The bigger news is that Robert Meyer Burnett seems to be implying that CBS is on the verge of officially announcing two more (series?) that will be coming to Blu-ray:
I was trying to decrypt those tweets earlier today, and I wasn't optimistic enough to even consider that meaning - I'm glad of your interpretation! I figured he was referring to two of the unannounced season 2 extras, but this is much more intriguing.

If TNG hostage crisis refers to Burnett's time creating the documentaries, it certainly makes sense. I can't imagine he and Roger Lay would have time to handle the extras for two other Trek series though in addition to Enterprise. But the fact that "both the animated series and Enterprise" (to speculatively complete his sentence) are ready for HD certainly tracks.

If true, CBS are certainly keen to pump out more Trek on Blu ASAP. The TNG season 1 sales figures must have really impressed them.
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