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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

This theme ran a lot in DS9 strangely enough.

After they found out about Dukat's half Bajoran daughter, he was demoted, shunned and his career was ruined. A few months later he had enough bargaining chips and clot to get his rank, title and reputation reinstated.

Quark was also exiled, left destitute, but took advantage of the resources on the station to still run his business. A few months later he got his business license and reputation back.

His brother eventually became the Grand Nagus.

Odo was made human and exiled from his people, but after sticking it out on the station and a freak encounter, he become a changeling again, plus his people flat out forgave him.

In each of those cases, these people were all shunned and left with almost nothing, but they took advantage of what they had, and made a complete comeback and regained everything.

So, hey, why not Kurn?
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