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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

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Yes, that's what he's saying:


A few were re-used: for example the two-inch tape that once contained episode 3 of ‘The Enemy of the World’ still exists, but with an episode of ‘Blue Peter’ now recorded onto it.
Oh, it's too bad that the one erased original they've identified had an otherwise extant episode on it. If it were a still-missing episode, then maybe a palimpsest reconstruction could be attempted. (I suppose they could try it with the one they have just as proof of concept -- since they do have a surviving version to compare their results against -- but it would be kind of pointless if they have no other palimpsests to work with.)
I thought a bit about the palimpsest reconsturction you suggest. I can think of various technical reasons why there might be some reconstructable data left. Different aligment / missallignment of the tape / heads during wiping could have left traces, or how about magnetic traces spilling through on the back of the tape? And of course, work processes aren´t always followed to the letter. Maybe some reals where just recorded over without prior wiping accendently? If the new recording was shorter then the old, then at least a few scenes might still be left.
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