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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I came across several used copies of Trek paperbacks last week. The Trek section is not that much. And what I found was outside on a bargain cart. As I looked over them, it occurred to me that this was someones collection having been recently contributed. I thought to myself, I'd die before giving up my Star Trek books. Well. I think that is what happened here. A Trekkie passed away and that disturbed me somewhat. While I couldn't buy up all the books I saw, I managed to snag a handful (all first printings) that I had seen mentioned in topics here.
  • Lost Years
  • Ex Machina
  • Articles of Federation
  • Encounter at Farpoint
I found that I wasn't impressed enough with Lost Years to finish it. Something about Spock getting a tarot reading rubbed me the wrong way, heh. So I sat that one aside for now. I hope to try it again later.

I had met Nan Bacco in Typhon Pact and DTI novels. I have been curious about her for a while. So I skipped to Articles of Federation. For some reason I envisioned the late Nancy Parsons (TNG's Sovereign Marouk) the entire time as Bacco. She is every bit as dynamic as I had hoped she would be. This one is, IMO, amongst the best Star Trek novels I've ever read. This book sets next to Prime Directive, Final Reflection and Vanguard.

Currently, I'm reading Ex Machina. It helps that I do watch my Director's cut of TMP once in a while. So I'm really immersed at the moment. Thus far, this story captures well the loose threads of character development the movie had suggested. Not to mention the impact of V'ger's evolutionary display. It's the only book that I've read which acknowledges it.
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