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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Seems like it.

I dunno what it is lately with Steve Rogers - but either he's written to be this complete and utter jerk/holier than thou attitude. Or he's this really nice guy that just wants to help people. I guess Marvel WAS right that death changed him... but I'm not sure I like the change.

I mean take this past weekend's Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (okay I know, not everyone's favorite series, but hear me out) basically he was portrayed as a pretty nice guy. Friendly, understanding, firm when he had to be, but basically a big boy scout. That's when Captain America works the best.

Lately he's been acting like Nick Fury-lite. Or... Civil War era Tony Stark.

I'd be reeeally interested to see Tony take Steve aside and go "Y'know... just so you know... we're even. You declared Civil War against an entire group of people because you thought you were right. Kinda seems a bit... familiar?"
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