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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Episode 5x03 "Your secret's safe with me"

Very good episode.. as usual the case was ok but that's not why i watch Castle (sorry Marlowe & Co.).

I can understand the feelings Alexis and Castle had.. ages ago it seems i was in the same position when i started university and had to move about 300km away. My mom was a wreck, my dad wasn't unaffected too and i was equally sad and excited at the same time. I think it resonates with everybody who at one time left home to start their own life away from the safety of the parents (even if you know your parents will come running if you have problems) and it was beautifully done here in this episode.

First i thought it was uncharacteristic for Alexis to be mad at Beckett for whatever reason.. she liked her very much and she knows that her dad loves her and that she's good for him so appearing to hate Beckett seemed kinda odd. However it soon was revealed that it wasn't all that but part of a bigger problem.

Martha was awesome.. as i said somewhere else i just knew (or at least heavily suspected) that Martha spotted Kate in the season starter.. there's was just no way she'd either miss her in the closet (come on.. you could see Beckett out of the corner of your eye) or the bra Castle wanted to clumsily hide. Kudos to her for backing down and waiting for the right moment to bring it up instead of making it a joke and embarrasing them. I love this woman.

Castle and Beckett.. what can i say. Even without steamy scenes they rock the house.. hard. I grew tired of eye sex and subtext in season 4 ("Just kiss her dammit!!" ) but this one is on a whole different level. Their handshake was so sweet, sexy, romantic and in the end funny that i couldn't help but "Aaawwww.." a little (and i'm a grown man ). This is why i like Castle so much as a character.. the man has the perfect balance between goofiness and knowing when to get serious and romantic. He knows when to shut up and give someone the space (well.. most of the time ) and when to wow his woman with a romantic gesture. And i loved to see Beckett respond to it in kind.. i so love to see her open up and fully committ to the relationship without reservations. He truly is her one and done!

One of the most awesome moments between them was his whispered "I so want to kiss you right now".. this was not horny teenager mode but heartfelt emotion and it was great to see.
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