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Re: Does this superhero team exist?

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^I'm not sure I'd count that, since Green Lantern isn't so much an individual secret identity as a job title, like firefighter or Starfleet officer. It may seem like a singular identity to human observers -- "the Green Lantern" as a specific person who passes the mantle down to another, like the Flash or Robin -- but that's not what it really is.

And I've never heard of the first five you mentioned, or the last one. Plus you left out Alan Scott; he's not technically a Corps member, but he's been retconned/grandfathered in.
The first five are humans who wore the ring prior to Hal, some very briefly. The last one is the current GL on Earth, Simon Baz. I left out Alan on purpose for the reason you mention. And currently he doesn't exist on the New Earth (But does on Earth 2).
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