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Re: Any old timers still around?

Jim Steele wrote: View Post
Been wondering that myself. Been years since I was here regularly. Tend to just lurk every now and then, post every few months. All the usernames are new and frightening.
Mine's not. :P

MacLeod wrote: View Post
You know i wonder if the member number goes up sequentially, as that might give us an idea for the oldest member. As if they are an idicator the lower the number the longer you've been around.
Member number does indeed go up sequentially, so the lower the number, the earlier the reg date. It's not much good as a precise gauge, though, since a lot of long-inactive and never-active accounts were purged with the move from UBB.threads to vBulletin. (My member # was originally 15114, but since early 2008 it's been #1490.)

Chris3123 wrote: View Post

Ghouleddie74 wrote: View Post
I remember the bouncing sloth head from a long time back. I just wish I could remember who first posted that and, if it was somebody's avatar, who had it.
ARGH! Now you've got me rackin' my brain too.
The longtime wearer of the disco-lights head-bobbing sloth avatar was mcmac, I'm pretty sure, although Flukie might have had a hand in making it that way - I just don't recall. It seems the animation didn't survive the software change, though.

Also remembering Miss Thang's "Slothura" av, which originated during the same ENT forum Sloth Wars.
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