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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

"Interesting" controversy today over comments made by a Chiefs Offensive Tackle regarding an incident during Sunday afternoon's game.

During the fourth quarter or quarterback threw a pass and in the ensuing melee was knocked to the ground not moving for a moment. Players, refs, and medical checked on him and eventually he left the field on his own too feet, with some aid. He didn't play the rest of the game, our Second Team going in to replace him.

I guess the fans in the stadium cheered at the beginning of the play (completed pass), but grew less cheerful when it was realized Cassel was down, eventually applauding when Cassel was walked off the field.

Offensive Tackle Eric Winston spoke with the press after the game, upset with the fans for "cheering" Cassel's injury. Depending on who you talk to the cheering was either for Cassel appearing mostly unharmed (I've seen it before where people cheer for a recovered player) or for Cassel getting injured or simply for him getting removed from the game allowing for our [stronger] Secondary getting in.

Winston seemed to take the impression they were cheering for Cassel's injury saying in his comments to the press "We're not Gladiators, this is not the Roman Colosseum."


He's taken some criticism for these remarks and while he hasn't completely taken them back, he clarified that while [the entire stadium] may not have been cheering for Cassel's injury any number cheering for it is "too much."


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