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Look at the Jenolan model, particularly the windows. It's way more than a few decks thick. If those are Constitution class nacelles (and they are) and a Constitution-class bridge (and it is), the Jenolan is a pretty darn big ship. I don't know why everyone thinks it's so small.

Here's a 1/1000 scale Jenolan model next to a 1/1000 scale Conny model:

Acknowledged, then. The Jenolan struck me as having been "smaller" given that it was a transport ship rather than a starship. I wouldn't have figured it to be much bigger than a Defiant class.

Still, the door is damn huge a certainly could have accommodated bith the Jenolan jamming the door and the Enterprise flying through. And, yeah, I don't recall there being any discussion of trying to open the door from the inside, certainly that'd be possible as well.
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