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Re: Brothers and the Battle Bridge

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It does seem a bit odd to immediately evacuate everyone just because the life support shut off. With a room that size there should be a couple hours' worth of air, especially if you move some of the random minions hanging around the back. If nothing else break out some air masks.
Here at memory-alpha it states that Data removes the air from the bridge.

He then drastically alters the course ordered and begins to commandeer the ship, first by removing the atmosphere from the main bridge. Under protest, the rest of the bridge staff evacuate to main engineering, giving Data enough time to very effectively establish himself as the sole commander of the ship (using his precise imitations of Picard's voice).
Excerpt from "Brothers" courtesy of website:


KOPF: Our velocity is holding steady at warp nine point three. Do you wish to override, Commander?
LAFORGE: No, not yet. Computer, isolate cause of life support failure.
COMPUTER: Atmosphere conditioning pumps on deck one are operating in negative mode.
LAFORGE: How could that be? There are seven independent safety interlocks to prevent that.
(Picard and Worf enter, then others)
LAFORGE: Captain, I believe we've found the problem, but it really doesn't make sense.
PICARD: Bring the Enterprise to a full stop, Commander.
LAFORGE: Aye, sir. Full stop, Ensign.
KOPF: It's not responding, sir.
LAFORGE: I'm going to have to do this at the manual input level, sir. Wes.
RIKER: We're still at the altered heading, Captain, holding at warp nine point three.
WORF: Captain. Force fields have been established on all main Bridge turbolift doors and service crawlways.
PICARD: Computer, locate Lieutenant Commander Data.
COMPUTER: Commander Data is on the main Bridge.
RIKER: What the hell is he up to?
PICARD: Number One, take a security team up to deck two. Try and break through from below. Commander?
LAFORGE: Everything's locked up, Captain. We have no control of impulse or warp engines from here.
WESLEY: Navigation's not responding either, sir.
PICARD: Picard to main bridge.

Assuming the atmosphere pumps were just turned off instead of operating in negative mode and there was air left on the bridge how long would it take for the bridge crew to start choking on their own carbon dioxide?

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