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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Because it's surreal and outrageous and blackly comic?

Honestly, it's much better ep than "The Locket," which, as I recall, is more of a straightforward time-travel drama like you'd find on any other SF series.
Yeah, I wouldn't say The Locket was a particularly good episode. Not bad, but its definately forgettable.

Again, there's more to any TV episode than just what happens. There's the acting, the editing, the dialogue and character interactions, the grace notes and funny bits that make the whole experience worth watching. Not to mention the costumes and makeup and special effects.
You're right, although I can forgive bad make up/special effects/editing if the story is good. Still, there is just some stuff I don't like, reguardless of what show is doing it. The whole fake out thing that episodes like A Human reaction/WGFA have is definately something I don't enjoy, as is the premise of the Princess Trilogy. Its nothing against farscape, I just don't think stuff like that is entertaining (well, the fake out thing, in very rare instances, can be done well, but after A human reaction I don't think Farscape can do it).

You can't just judge a story by the plot alone. By that standard, JAWS is just "a big shark eats some people, then they blow it up." And the Spielberg movie is no different than some low-budget straight-to-video knockoff.
I actually don't like Jaws. I can kind of see why people that saw it when it came out would like it, but it came out 15 years before I was born, and to me its just a slow movie with lackluster shark effects

What matters is not the plot, but how the story is told . . . and the experience along the way. It's the journey, not the destination.
I get what you mean, but why would I want to experience the bumps on the way to the destination? I don't think I've ever watched every episode of a tV show, there is always some episodes I skip (well, except maybe episodes of Firefly, those were all pretty good). Farscape's second season has been a bit rough, but its picking up now, and just looking ahead I don't forsee and skips for awhile (unless one of the upcoming episodes is a Chiana episode and I can't tell from the summary, then there may be some skipping, or atleast some major fast forwarding).

Lindley wrote: View Post
You know what the really ironic thing is? kirk's reaction to A Human Reaction is exactly the same as Crichton's is to the beginning of WGFA. More or less, "A 'he's really back on earth' story? REALLY?"
Yeah, that was basically my reaction. I couldn't believe they'd pull out that cliche again so soon.
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