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It Wasn't Funny, But I Laughed Anyway

There are several Star Trek moments that stand out because they're humorous. Others stand out because they're not. Amongst even those moments that qualify as non-humorous, there are those that still managed to elicit a chuckle, or bring a smile to the faces of those watching. Several of these moments stand out in my memory, including but not limited to Chekov screaming after being burned by an electrical discharge from V'Ger, Will Decker's visible erection, Scotty hitting his head on a low-hanging pipe, Rom pouring liquid into his ear to treat an infection, Guinan whining about possible alterations to history, Deanna Troi existing, numerous "red-shirts" dying, Picard fighting his brother in the mud, Sisko revealing that Bashir was thrown over a table, Worf stabbing his brother and subsequently being arrested, the Doctor shrinking, Spock's unsuccessful mind-meld with V'Ger, Beverly Crusher being frozen in time as she's hit by a disruptor blast, Picard suffering from temporal psychosis, and Worf killing Weyoun.

I would imagine that there are several moments I've omitted. Feel free to share.
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