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Re: Shuttlecraft - curved edges on top?

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It seems the structures seen in Star Trek II came, not from the Enterprise (any version), but from the Botany Bay itself.

That was how Chekov realized who they'd encounter if they didn't get out of there fast. He saw what looked like a seatbelt with the words "Botany Bay" on the buckle.
I disagree. The cargo pods are clearly TMP Starfleet issue. We must assume that such pods existed on the TOS Enterprise. There are problems with having them be from the Botany Bay. If they were antique pods, then Chekov and Terrel both should have spotted them for what they were more or less immediately. Instead, Terrel notes they are cargo carriers. His surprise is in that there were cargo carriers at all, not that they were antique. Chekov catches on when he sees the "BOTANY BAY" buckle. What's that buckle doing there? maybe it was brought from the old ship before it was cast aside by Kahn and his goons when they had charge of the Enterprise in "Space Seed." But, why would the Botany Bay have labeled belt buckles anyway? Maybe one of the marooned guys made it.

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