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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Yeah, every story has been done, but I still can't get past the "guy has to marry someone he doesn't love for stupid reasons instead of being with the person he does love" premise. I just hate that premise/cliche so much. I know I'd feel like breaking something if I had to suffer through that. It's not just Farscape, though. I honestly don't think anyone could do that story in a way I wouldn't hate it. Combine that with everything else I read about the episodes (he becomes a statue? Really? And Scorpius needs a tube in his head to regulate his temperature? ) and it just seems like something that would be a chore to sit through.

I am kind of wondering why old John in The Locket was talking to an imaginary Scorpius, but I'm sure it was either a) he was going senile or it had something to do with what was happening in that dimension/world or b) it was some other reason, that will be brought up later anyway.

As for Won't Get Fooled Again, I know people keep saying its not like A Human Reaction, but its still too close for me to have any desire to watch it. I know its not the real Earth, therefore its just a waste of time to watch him walk around a obviously fake earth for 30+ minutes until he escapes/gets rescued/gets released and he's back on Moya like nothing happened. I just don't understand the appeal.
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