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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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^ The Mirror Universe is different. It's not an alternate timeline created by time travel; it always existed. It's a completely separate universe. The same people's births and lives are simultaneously no more, and no less, likely to happen in the MU than they are in any other.
But, seriously, the odds that a completely different universe would bring an Enterprise with the same crew members, at the same ranks, to the same planet to negotiate with the same alien leader during the same cosmic storm doesn't kind of blow the idea that different circumstances lead to different outcomes out of the water?

I'm just saying there's room to fudge here . . . .
The Many Worlds hypothesis makes the most sense since it explains any combination of qualities, no matter how unlikely, as being mandatory for at least one universe. And if the cameras happen to be pointed at a conveniently arranged universe instead of the one where everything is underwater or dinosaurs are intelligent or it rains donuts, then that's hardly the writers' fault.
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