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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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According to Orci at trekmovie, he said:

"we have one last [prayer] of selling it. Waiting to hear. Thanks for asking."

I wonder if we'd hear it if they don't sell it.

Go back and read it again. He's referring to Shadow Cabinet not Star Trek, which hasn't even been formally pitched yet.
Phew! you guys scared me. Whatever it was that had one last prayer and then nothing further heard about it, that's a dead dog.

I'd be surprised if CBS makes a decision before seeing how the next movie does at least, even assuming Orci does a pitch before then. He'd probably want another success in his pocket before going to CBS.

I'm extremely curious what tactic he'll take. Two successful movies doesn't guarantee TV success, it just means he won't get the door slammed in his face.
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