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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Has there been anything said in the show about whether or not the clones know that Palpatine is plotting to kill all the Jedi? Some of the lesser canon sources seem to indicate that they knew or suspected that sooner or later they'd be called upon to off their Generals.
According to an interview with Dave Filoni, Order 66 will be explored at some point during the series.

While discussing the four-part General Pong Krell story arc ("Darkness on Umbara", "The General", "Plan of Dissent", and "Carnage of Krell"), Filoni responded to a question about Order 66 by promising that the show would address this mysterious directive. "Order 66 and how it works, why it works, how it all goes down...I don't wanna say too much about that, except that before we're finished with this show, you will understand it a lot better than you do after Revenge of the Sith, because we have the time to get into things like that. ... It has been thoroughly figured out. It's something we've discussed with George."

Regarding the series' depiction of Sidious, Filoni said, "You'll see a little bit more of Sidious, 'cause we start to deal with bigger issues, we start to answer a lot of the kind of bigger questions, and he's kind of forced to take a more active role. Things don't go as smoothly as some people are led to believe for him. It's not like he just wants these things to happen and he calls Order 66 and it works out perfectly for him. He has to actually maneuver and play the chess game to stay ahead of the Jedi." Filoni clarified that this material wouldn't be coming until next season at the earliest, but he said that "maybe at Celebration VI" he'd preview it. "I am going to do my best at Celebration VI to have some ridiculous footage to show," he added.
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