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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I've been lurking in this thread for a while, but now I do have to chime in.

"Won't get fooled again" - Personally I think it's one of the most bizarre, weird, surreal and laugh out loud-funny hours of television I have ever experienced. It's hilarious!
I don't think many other shows would dare go where that episode went...

Well, until "Revenging Angel"...

Does it not also introduce a certain new best friend of Crichton who likes to... um... mess with his head?
And as someone said before, it explains alot about why Crichton is slowly going totally and utterly insane.

To be fair to kirk55555 though, It took me like year after A Human Reaction before the confusion about Ancients and why everyone wants Crichtons head disappeared. I had to rewatch that episode and then it all fell into place.

And kirk55555, you were wondering what important stuff you missed in the Princess-trilogy?

It puts a new major player on the galactic chessboard where the winners gets' what's inside Crichton's head.

I think what most people are having a problem is you are skipping those episodes that are the equivalent of skipping every episode involving aliens or the Conspiracy if this had been the X-Files.

And kirk55555, there is no such thing as a new story, every story has been done to death many times before, it's all about the execution and the characters, and that is something Farscape is very, very, good at.
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