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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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First off, I did skip the princess trilogy, Beware of Dog and won't get Fooled Again
Oh dear lord, what are you doing mate?! I'm sure by now you're probably already sick of people telling you off for this, but just imagine for a second you're sitting watching a film with a friend. It's a film you like and are enjoying introducing it to someone else...but then your friend starts skipping scenes because a character they don't like pops up and hitting fast forward because they think they know what's going to happen next.

Now, tell me that after a few minutes of this you wouldn't be fighting the urge to beat said friend to death with the remote.

Seriously. Go back and watch these episodes and stop reading ahead! You're not *watching* the show, you're skimming it. Try that with a novel and see how soon you get lost and loose all interest and any investment in the characters.

As someone else said up-thread; there's more to an episode than the premise and the plot. To give an example, my favourite episodes of 'Babylon 5' looks very boring on paper. It does nothing to advance the story from the previous episode into the next, has none of my favourite characters and consists of little more than two characters, sitting on opposite sides of a table, talking to each other. You could very easily skip this episode and not even notice. The events are never directly referenced every again, the other person is never seen nor mentioned every again. However, it's one of the best character pieces in the entire series and tells you just about everything you need to know about what makes a certain main character tick.

P.S. For those who haven't guessed already and to make sure nobody let's a spoiler slip by asking, the episode I'm describing is: -

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