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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I get what you mean, but if I had watched them, my post just would have been "I wtached it for 5 minutes, threw my shoe at my TV, then skipped the episodes". Its not the silliness I have problems with. Its watching a story I've seen a million times that gets on my nerves. The Princess trilogy's story is based on what is probably one of the top 5 biggest cliches of all time (and one I personally hate 99% of the time), and it doesn't seem to have done anything special with the premise at all. I wouldn't put up with a Star Trek episode that used that premise (and I would bet one or two have), and if I couldn't stand it from my favorite sci Fi franchise ever, Farscape has no chance of doing it in a way I can stand. Thats not to say others can't like it, but its literally taking a premise I hate and then not adding anything to it to make me interested. Maybe if Rygel had to marry a proncess, I could see it being funny or being different. As it is, the only regret I have about skipping the trilogy is the bad reaction I've gotten for not wanting to watch it, like I've stated before making people angry is not something I want to do.
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